do fish oil pills expire?

Do Fish Oil Pills Expire?

What You Need to Know Before Consuming ‘Expired’ Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have gained immense popularity over the years due to their numerous health benefits. However, like any other supplement, fish oil pills can expire, and consuming expired supplements can be detrimental to your health. In this blog, we will answer the question, ‘do fish oil pills expire?’ and provide tips to detect rancidity in fish oil.

Do Fish Oil Pills Expire?

Yes, fish oil pills do expire. Although they have a long shelf life, they do eventually become rancid. The shelf life of fish oil pills is typically around 2-3 years, depending on various factors like the manufacturing process and storage conditions. However, consuming expired fish oil pills can lead to health risks, including digestive issues, nausea, and vomiting.

do fish oil pills expire?

How to Detect Rancidity in Fish Oil

One of the primary ways to detect rancidity in fish oil is by smelling it. Fresh fish oil has a mild oceanic smell and is relatively odorless. However, when it begins to turn rancid, it emits a strong and pungent smell, similar to that of rotting fish. Additionally, rancid fish oil can cause digestive issues, including stomach upset and diarrhea.

Another way to detect rancidity is to taste the fish oil. If it has a bitter or unpleasant taste, it is likely rancid and should not be consumed. It’s important to note that consuming rancid fish oil can lead to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, leading to increased inflammation in the body.

Can You Take Expired Fish Oil?

Expired fish oil can be harmful to your health. Even if it is not yet rancid, taking fish oil supplements that have exceeded their expiration date may result in stomach-related side effects such as fish oil burps, heartburn, nausea, and loose stools. Generally, expiration dates indicate the period when the supplement maintains its highest potency. However, as time passes, changes in light exposure and temperature can cause fish oil supplements to spoil.

If you notice that your expired fish oil supplements have a bad odor or appear discolored, it’s best to dispose of them immediately. Consuming rancid, expired fish oil supplements can exacerbate stomach side effects and make you feel extremely sick. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the expiration date of your fish oil supplements regularly and dispose of them if they are past their prime.

Renovo Labs’ Omega 3+ Fish Oil Offers Maximum Shelf Life

Generally, lower-quality fish oils will have a hard time maintaining their potency after the date on the label. But you can rely on Renovo Labs Omega3+ to last. Renovo Labs’ Omega 3+ Fish Oil Product is an excellent addition to your diet, providing you with the numerous benefits of fish oil. Our product uses only the freshest ingredients, making sure each purchase guarantees a couple of years of shelf life. Here are some of the benefits of consuming Renovo Labs’ Omega 3+ Fish Oil:

Improves Heart Health: Consuming fish oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering triglyceride levels and reducing inflammation in the body.

Enhances Brain Function: Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil can improve cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

Reduces Inflammation: Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for reducing inflammation in the body and relieving joint pain.

Boosts Immune System: Fish oil is also known to boost the immune system by enhancing the production of immune cells and reducing inflammation in the body.

Here’s the TLDR verison, fish oil pills do expire, and consuming expired fish oil pills can lead to health risks. It’s important to detect rancidity in fish oil by smelling and tasting it. Renovo Labs’ Omega 3+ Fish Oil Product is an excellent choice for those looking to add fish oil to their diet. With the freshest ingredients and guaranteed shelf life, our product provides numerous benefits to your health, including improved heart health, brain function, and immune system. Make sure to include Renovo Labs’ Omega 3+ Fish Oil in your daily routine and experience the benefits for yourself! You can purchase Omega 3+ by scrolling down and adding it to your cart on this page.

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